Are You Tired Of Feeling So Lonely?

depressed teenage girl sitting on urban-benchAre you a single woman who feels anxious about the idea of relationships? Do you ever worry that you won’t find any partner, let alone the right one? Do you find yourself constantly comparing men to your previous partners, preventing you from seeing clearly when a new opportunity comes along? Or, perhaps you compare yourself to your friends, wonder how they have managed to find the successful relationship you want so badly. Maybe you get frustrated with your friends because they prioritize their boyfriends and husbands over you, and you long for the companionship and intimacy they have. Or, perhaps your friends are beginning to have children, and you question whether you’ll get the chance to start a family with someone as well.

Maybe you’re tired of dating because you feel like there are no men out there for you. Do you find yourself constantly analyzing the men that you date, concentrating on their flaws, and then bolting as soon as something goes wrong? Or, maybe you have started to believe that there must be something wrong with you.

Regardless of the reasons why you’re dealing with relationship struggles, do you just wish you could finally escape the loneliness of being single?

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Being Single Can Be Truly Frustrating

Pensive woman traveling on public transportationIt’s hard to not feel lonely, sad and down on yourself as a single woman, especially as you get older, because there’s so much stigma surrounding “being single.” Society prompts women to ask themselves, what’s wrong with me? or why can’t I find someone? no matter how unfair those questions are. Coping with loneliness becomes all that more difficult when you’re being faced with the unfair perception that being single is a bad thing. The truth is, no matter how accomplished they are in other areas of their lives, many women feel like they can’t live a fulfilled life as a single person because of the constant pressure to find a long-term relationship.

Creating a meaningful relationship is difficult for so many people for various reasons. Dating can be tiring, especially when you feel like no man meets all the marks. Additionally, challenges in our culture make finding relationships even more complicated; with online dating and various apps, it’s easier to avoid looking for someone new out in the world. And if you’re an ambitious, career-oriented woman, you probably feel like you don’t have a ton of time to go searching for a partner.

Even if you do find a boyfriend or girlfriend, growing and maintaining a relationship isn’t much easier. Many women in relationships repeat behaviors from previous relationships, forming unhealthy patterns and habits that start to become the norm. Maybe you’re someone who finds it difficult to tolerate conflict in relationships, so when things get tough you cut and run instead of negotiating the issues and moving forward.

In our culture, however unfair or however twisted, it’s also common for women to feel like they need a partner to be complete. Especially when you’re feeling lonely, it may seem like you have to find someone to fill that void, rather than someone who could recognize and uplift all that you already are. Like so many others, you might lack self-confidence, making it that much harder in a relationship; if you aren’t satisfied with yourself as a single person, it’s nearly impossible to be satisfied with yourself in a relationship. Despite what society might tell us, those feelings don’t disappear just when someone else is by your side.

Even if you feel hopeless in finding a relationship, know that change is possible. Counseling for single women can help you recognize your worth, pursue what you really want out of relationships and create a rich, satisfying life.

Singles Counseling For Women Can Help

In my practice, I provide clients with the experience of feeling seen and heard like they haven’t been before. No matter how hopeless or lonely you feel, our work together can help you address the loneliness and self-doubt that may be getting in the way of your life, especially in the realm of relationships. Women’s therapy can be extremely helpful because together, we can dive deep and gain a better understanding of the root cause of your struggles with relationships and dating. I can help you identify unhealthy patterns that you may not even be aware of, and support you as you discover that you do have control. You can make different choices and create the life you want.

woman smiling in office settingI understand that you’re an individual and you have a completely different situation than everyone else, so in sessions, I will take you through an experiential process to discover what the best solution is for you. As a skilled therapist, I will respond to your specific situation in a more understanding and healing way than you’ve typically experienced.

When confronted with the stigma that “being single” can carry, it can be easy to judge yourself and direct negative feelings inward. For example, perhaps you’re afraid that, if you do get close to someone, you’ll be criticized or abandoned in the future—I can help you gain the confidence needed to move you forward in relationships, and to feel less afraid to take productive risks.

I offer a compassionate space where you will feel free from judgment, and where I can help you find your courage. I know that change can only happen when we are both 100 percent present in sessions, and I’m serious about helping you get the attention and time that you need to move forward. I believe that being completely seen and accepted by another person, even for a short amount of time each week, is itself a healing force. This is your time to heal and learn about who you are in order to gain a greater sense of happiness in yourself and your life.

For over 10 years, I’ve helped women here in New York City gain a greater understanding of how they can relate to others and what it takes to maintain relationships. I know the importance of finding happiness and security in yourself in order to feel happy and secure in a relationship. And I know that, with the right support and guidance, you can gain control over your life and make the changes you need to become a happier and more fulfilled woman.

You may have questions or concerns relating to counseling for single women…

How can therapy help me if there are no men to date?

Unfortunately, therapy won’t provide you with an endless supply of men. Therapy will, however, help you understand your own patterns and habits. Therapy can help you understand why you can’t move on from your last relationship, or why you simply can’t make a lasting connection with a partner.

Also, singles counseling for women isn’t simply about finding a man to date or start a relationship with. It’s about learning how to understand your own patterns and how they affect your ability to connect with people. Therapy can help you make the changes you never knew were possible.

I should be able to fix this on my own…

Maybe you can fix this on your own—but what keeps you from doing it? Counseling will help you identify those things that keep you from making actual changes.

Also, you may be someone who relies on friends and family for support when you’re lonely and sad, which is a wonderful thing; having a community that can comfort you when you’re down is important. However, the people in your life are not necessarily objective or trained to listen and identify patterns to help improve your overall emotional health.

As a trained and experienced therapist, it’s my job to help you work through these issues. There’s something about having that weekly appointment that can help you move forward so that you can achieve your goals.

Isn’t relationship therapy for singles more of a luxury than a necessity?

Think of it this way: people spend loads of money on a college degree in order to achieve their career goals and aspirations, but can still feel unhappy. If you have control over your mental and emotional health, life just gets a lot easier and more enjoyable. In fact, you can do anything if you are emotionally healthy and secure.

Additionally, emotional strain can lead to actual physical pain. When we keep things bottled up inside, the stress can manifest in debilitating issues, including backaches and stomach upset. You likely wouldn’t think twice before making an appointment with a doctor for those types of physical pains, but it’s possible that the root cause is actually your emotional distress. I believe therapy is an investment in your overall wellbeing—not a luxury.

Singles Counseling For Women Can Help Spark The Change You Need

I believe that I can help you move forward in relationships and gain the self-confidence you need to feel fulfilled. If you’re curious if we’d be a good fit, contact me for a free 20-minute phone consultation at 9178730506 .

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