Do You Feel Alone In Your Relationships?

Do you wish you could form more meaningful relationships? Are you feeling lonely, but you’re not quite sure why? Do you worry that the relationships you do have will slip away, just as others have in the past?

lone person on subway platformPerhaps you struggle in social settings—you walk into a social gathering or party and feel completely lost or alone. You might feel excluded or lack the confidence to strike up a conversation with strangers, especially if everyone else seems effortlessly charming. Maybe you keep to yourself, trying to look occupied by your phone so you can avoid accidentally saying or doing the wrong thing.

Or, maybe you don’t have problems actually making friends or acquaintances, but rather maintaining strong relationships. Perhaps you crave a more intimate and deep connection with a family member, friend or partner, but you can’t fully open up or trust them. Maybe you feel like you’re constantly accommodating the people around you and not getting anything in return, but you aren’t assertive enough to speak up for yourself.

Regardless of the reasons why you are having relationship problems, do you wish you could gain the confidence to create deep, lasting connections?

Maintaining Strong Relationships Is Difficult For Everyone

Believe it or not, you are not alone! Particularly in New York, people tend to feel like everyone around them is living a fabulous life, with everything under control. In reality, this is not the case.

Some of this façade is reinforced by social media platforms. Although they are meant to showcase everyday life, most people highlight their successes rather than their struggles. Still, as you scroll through pictures and posts, it’s hard to separate what you see from the actual reality. To make matters more complicated, you might feel pressure to have a “fabulous” life of your own and throw your efforts into your career or hobbies, leaving your relationships in second place.

It’s important to realize that everybody struggles, including the people who seem like they have the perfect home, the perfect job, the perfect partner and the perfect social circle. Even if you feel like you are constantly balancing all of these different plates, just hoping that none of them will fall, you’re not the only one bracing for everything to shatter. And you’re certainly not the only one wondering how to find time to enjoy the trusting, healthy relationships you crave.

In addition to time, work and practice, relationships take deep self-awareness to make them work. If you don’t know who you really are, you can’t show your true self to others. And, if you can’t show your true self to others, it’s much harder to connect.

Like so many others, you might also have relationship struggles because you didn’t grow up with role models who demonstrated healthy relationships or positive social skills. Knowing how to voice your needs and learning how to compromise with another person are both skills that need to be acquired in the real world. Fortunately, you can learn a new way of relating.

A professional relationship therapist can help you prioritize your social wellbeing, express your true self and learn how to form and foster close, meaningful relationships.

Relationship Therapy Can Help You Form Stronger Connections

come in we are open doorsignRight now, you might feel trapped or that you have no control over your relationships. Through therapy, you can develop a new sense of agency and feel empowered to make positive changes in your life.

As a trained therapist who specializes in relationships, I’ve helped so many people learn how to form new connections and nurture existing bonds so that you discover that deep intimacy you’ve been craving. Relationship counseling can help you gain a different understanding of how you relate to others, as well as offer insight into any self-destructive patterns that might have strained relationships in the past.

Life is full of moments that make you feel uncomfortable—that’s what it’s all about! Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is an important step in experiencing new things. But it’s difficult to do when your social anxiety blinds you from the possibility of forming new connections. Counseling will allow you to feel seen and understood in ways you haven’t before, which will avail you to understand more about yourself and the sort of relationships you want to form.

I work hard to provide a compassionate environment where you can be your bravest self, and I will learn your individual needs and keep you accountable for your personal goals. With my help keeping you on track, you might begin to challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible—you might even find a deeper understanding of what you want in life.

Big changes happen over time. Asking for help is the first step—the first small change—toward lasting transformation. Everyone deserves healthy relationships. Therapy will teach you to better connect with those around you and begin living the life you want!

You Might Have Some Questions Or Concerns About Relationship Therapy…

How can relationship therapy help me? I should know how to do this already…

Everyone is entitled to have friends and find ease in relationships—humans are social creatures, and our earliest relationships (combined with our natural personalities) shape how we view the world and interact with others. Not everyone is lucky enough to have been brought up with outstanding role models who taught us how to connect deeply with people.

In relationship therapy, you get to experience a completely new role model—a healthy one, with training and expertise! In the nonjudgmental space of my office, I will guide you to break unhelpful patterns and practice new relationships skills. You can learn how to be the friend, partner or family member you most want to be.

I’ve just been too busy to work on relationships. I probably just need to get out more…

Perhaps going out is all you need to do. I encourage you to try it! If that step seems difficult or impossible, I encourage you to ask yourself what’s getting in the way. What’s stopping you? Are your excuses really what’s preventing you from meeting new people?

If you feel an inexplicable dread at the very idea of going out and spending time with people, then therapy might be exactly what you need to gain that social courage. With help, you can meet new people and finally get that deeper intimacy in relationships that you already have.

Therapy is too expensive for me…

Sure, therapy might seem expensive upfront. You might feel like relationship advice is not worth your money—but it is worth your investment! Plus, therapy doesn’t have to be forever; by going to therapy now and getting your anxiety under control, in the future you might feel like you don’t need it anymore.

Remember, you are worth the investment. You deserve to be happy and have the healthy relationships that you know you want.

Start Moving Forward With Relationship Counseling

I want to help you gain the skills to foster healthy relationships and strengthen the ones you already have. If you’re curious if we’d be a good fit, contact me for a free 20-minute phone consultation at 9178730506 or contact me. My practice is currently conducted via Telehealth.