Welcome to your Relationship Boundary Quiz

1.) You and a close friend have been planning a weekend away for a few months, and you're really looking forward to getting away and spending time with them. They have a new romantic partner and has recently been canceling the plans that you two have made together. This time, on the Monday before your weekend trip they cancel because they say they are just too busy. You:

2.) Every year you and your closest friends plan a weekend getaway that you really look forward to. Somehow, it’s always been your responsibility to plan and schedule the weekend. This time, you’re really busy and quite frankly you’re a bit tired of this role. You:

3.) You’re overwhelmed at work—so much so that you find yourself working late every day and even on the weekends. Your boss gives you yet another “special” assignment, and you don’t think you can get it done while staying on top of your current responsibilities. You:

4.) You're at a bar on a first date. You're not having fun and you really want to leave. They, on the other hand, are having a great time telling you all about themself (and asking you nothing!). They suggest that you get dinner. You:

5.) You’ve been dating someone for awhile and you’re excited that it seems to be getting serious. However, they often make other plans for the weekend that don’t include you, and usually don’t even tell you about it until the last minute. You:

6.) You make a sarcastic joke to your close friend, thinking that it’s all in good fun. They tell you they feel hurt by the comment. You:

7.) You have a new romantic partner and you’re anxious to introduce them to your best friend. You two have been dating for awhile and it feels like this might be your life partner. Your friend takes an immediate dislike to your partner and makes sure to tell you about it. You:

8.) You’re dating someone and really like them, and you even hope that they become your life partner. However, recently you notice that when you open up to them about something that you’re struggling with, they immediately try to fix it instead of just listening to you. You:

9.) You’re starting to really like the person you’ve been dating for a few months. You want to make the relationship exclusive, but haven’t told them yet because you have no idea if they're dating other people. You:

10.) You recently moved in with your partner. Previously, you saw each other only on the weekends. You often work late, enjoy evenings with your friends and like to go to the gym on the other evenings. Your partner has begun to ask for more of your time during the week, and appears resentful when you don’t meet up with them after work. You: