My practice, Therapy2Change, is currently conducted via Telehealth. I work to offer clients a warm and inviting environment where you can be your bravest self—and make change happen!

Once you decide to schedule an appointment with me, you will receive an invitation to my HIPAA compliant confidential portal. There, you’ll have access my practice policy documents, enter your demographic information, and complete a short intake form. Later, you’ll be able to obtain your invoices and statements for insurance right from the portal.

What To Expect During The First Session:

Rather than a formal intake where I ask you a long list of questions, the first session is more about me learning a bit more about you—it’s much more personal. I encourage you to share what you feel comfortable sharing about yourself right from the start. I will ask a few questions along the way, depending upon what information you bring to the table, but this won’t be the focus of the session. I’m more interested in what you want me to know and how you communicate.

I also encourage you to “assess” me during the session to determine how comfortable you feel with me. It’s true that therapy can be uncomfortable, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing—you’re probably sharing deep or private information with someone you don’t know very well yet! But if you feel that you truly cannot open up to me because we just don’t clique or it simply doesn’t feel right, then maybe I’m not the right fit for you. However, if you notice the discomfort of opening up but feel like there’s room and opportunity to grow here, then make a second appointment. We can work through those feelings together.


I am out of network only! This means, if you have an out of network benefit, I will provide you with a statement. After you meet a deductible, you will receive partial reimbursement. Some people are fortunate enough to have very generous benefits and wind up paying a small amount, while others might need to pay out of pocket. Everyone’s financial situation is different and I support whatever decision is best for you. But I believe therapy is an investment in yourself and your mental well being, which can actually prevent a lot of future stress down the road.

Why I Am Not In Network:

I do not participate in managed care plans. Reimbursement rates from managed care plans are extremely low and make it impossible to provide quality service. I am, however, happy to provide a statement (superbill) that can be used for reimbursement through your “out-of-network” benefits. Follow the guide below and call your insurance company to ask them if you have out-of-network mental health benefits and how much is your annual deductible.

Find Out If You Have Out of Network Benefits:

Call the phone number for Mental Health or Behavioral Health on your insurance card. If there is not separate number, call the number for medical benefits and be sure to ask:

1.) Does my policy have ‘out of network’ behavioral or mental health benefits?

2.) Is there a deductible? If so, how much?

3.) How many sessions will my insurance policy cover? Is that in a calendar year (starting in January)?

4.) What percentage of the ‘reasonable and customary’ fee does my insurance company pay?

5.) What does my insurance company deem as a ‘reasonable and customary’ fee upon which they will reimburse? For example: If my therapist charges $250.00, how much of that amount does my insurance company deem as a ‘reasonable and customary fee’? Is this amount what my insurance company will base their reimbursement amount on?

6.) What is the best way to submit an insurance claim form?

a.) Do I need to complete a special form or can my therapist provide a superbill?

b.) Can I submit online or do I need to use USPS mail?

c.) 90834 is the procedure code for individual therapy

d.) 90847 is the procedure code for conjoint family therapy (couples counseling)

e.) 90853 is the procedure code for group

f.) The service provided is outpatient therapy in the therapist’s office

7.) Is Teresa Solomita, LCSW-R in your system as an out-of-network provider? Her NPI is #1316064694. Her NYS social work license is #077550. If not, what forms does she need to provide you with in order for my insurance claims to be reimbursed?

8.) What is the normal turnaround time for a claim to be processed?

Rates Per Session

Rates vary depending upon level of service. Please inquire in person or over the phone to learn more about my rates.

Forms Of Payment

I accept cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal. I prefer the use of credit cards only in an emergency.If you’re ready to take the next steps with me, I invite you to reach out for a free 20-minute phone consultation at 9178730506 .

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