Low Self-Worth? 7 Limiting Beliefs That Can Keep You Down

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Beliefs about who you are can limit every facet of your life: physical, emotional, financial, intellectual, and spiritual. Having a low opinion of yourself traps you in false perceptions that keep you down.  It can be exhausting! Here are 7 common beliefs that can affect your thoughts and actions and cripple your success and happiness.

Where Have All My Friends Gone?

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“I feel lonely.  I would like to be in a relationship.  It’s difficult to make substantive friends in your 30s, besides most of my friends are married. Friendship looks different when you're in your 20’s because much isn’t required then”. Ella*, a 34 year old single graphic designer is athletic, intelligent and has a great

Stop, Breathe, Think Before Texting

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Sara* received this text from her older brother, Matt on Sunday:  "What time are you coming out here?" Her heart racing, the fury rising from her stomach to her head, she threw her phone on the bed with such force it bounced twice and landed upside down.  How dare he?  She imagined all sorts of

Show Up for Yourself

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“When you show up for yourself, you give other people the opportunity to show up for themselves.”  I heard this statement yesterday on a Bashar video I was listening to.  It resonated with me, kept me pondering.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately (always!) about relationships, and all the different aspects of them that make