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7 Clear Clues You’re Ignoring Red Flags In A Potential Partner

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Are you ignoring red flags in your relationship? Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon. When we fall in love with someone, we get excited about the future. We don’t want to think that it might not work out. The wish that this person is the one takes often takes precedence over our gut instincts that scream otherwise.

What to Do When Your Partner’s Drinking is an Ongoing Fight

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Your partner’s drinking again. Before you know it, you are fighting. You keep promising yourself “this is the last time!” Either you are going to leave, or you are going to stop fighting about the drinking. Nevertheless, here you are again. You are frustrated by the situation.  The anger you feel today is fueled by the

Conflict Deja Vu: What to Do When You Have the Same Fight Over & Over

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Do you and your partner fight the same fight over and over? You think you’re fighting about one thing. However, what you’re really doing is repeating a pattern. You say the same thing you’ve always said. Your partner gives the same responses. Nothing is resolved. Somehow, the fight comes to an end. It never stays

How Vulnerability Helps Build The Intimate Relationship You Want

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Intimacy is emotionally delicious. When we have it, we want more of it. When we don’t have it, we put it high on our lists of needs and go searching for it. But intimacy is a funny thing. When we get love in front of us, and we’re ready to dig in, get close, and

5 Tips to Boost Interest When You’re Totally Bored with Each Other

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When you're totally bored with each other, your disappointment and unhappiness may make you worry. Is it over? What can you do to boost your interest in each other and your relationship? First, don’t panic. Boredom is normal, even in a loving relationship. Our brains are wired for new experiences. There’s even a fancy name

Show Up for Yourself

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“When you show up for yourself, you give other people the opportunity to show up for themselves.”  I heard this statement yesterday on a Bashar video I was listening to.  It resonated with me, kept me pondering.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately (always!) about relationships, and all the different aspects of them that make