Desperately Indecisive? Why Making Decisions is So Hard

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Making decisions is challenging. You would think that it would be easy. After all, we have to make dozens, if not hundreds, of decisions each and every day. Therefore, if the amount of practice were any indication of our ability

Suffering in Shyness? Signs, Social Impact, and Costs of Being Shy (& How to Conquer Them)

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People who have never suffered from shyness might not realize the costs. A shy person might look fine on the outside.  Sometimes, shy people may even appear aloof or seem unfriendly.  But on the inside, there’s a good chance they are

7 Clear Clues You’re Ignoring Red Flags In A Potential Partner

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Are you ignoring red flags in your relationship? Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon. When we fall in love with someone, we get excited about the future. We don’t want to think that it might not work out. The wish that this

Taken Advantage of at Work? 5 Clear Ways to Tell

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Does it feel like you are being taken advantage of at work? You probably don’t want to complain about it. You feel lucky to have a challenging job that you mostly enjoy. Society rewards people who are productive and you’ve

Is He Really Ready for Commitment? 7 Signs His Actions Don’t Match His Promises

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You want this guy to be the one but is he really ready for commitment to you? You may look for clues in your relationship, trying to read between the lines. You wish to feel safe and secure. The more

What to Do When Your Partner’s Drinking is an Ongoing Fight

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Your partner’s drinking again. Before you know it, you are fighting. You keep promising yourself “this is the last time!” Either you are going to leave, or you are going to stop fighting about the drinking. Nevertheless, here you are