What to Do When Your Partner’s Drinking is an Ongoing Fight

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Your partner’s drinking again. Before you know it, you are fighting. You keep promising yourself “this is the last time!” Either you are going to leave, or you are going to stop fighting about the drinking. Nevertheless, here you are

Conflict Deja Vu: What to Do When You Have the Same Fight Over & Over

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Do you and your partner fight the same fight over and over? You think you’re fighting about one thing. However, what you’re really doing is repeating a pattern. You say the same thing you’ve always said. Your partner gives the

To Partner or Not to Partner? That is the Healthy Relationship Question

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Society pressures us to partner up.  Desire for a relationship or not, this pressure can put you into a frenzy to find "the one".  Therefore, it's important to look carefully at why you want a partner.  Wisely examining your own

Be a Strong Self-advocate: How to Stop Going Along to Get Along

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Are you a “good girl” or “nice guy” instead of an effective self-advocate? Maybe you’re thinking, “What could possibly be wrong with being nice?” The world could use more good people, couldn’t it? A few niceties can make all the