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How Clinical Supervision Enhances Your Performance With Clients

In a recent study of professional  therapists, more than half of the participants reported “moderate to high burnout.”  Many find that  although they love the work they do, the loneliness and isolation of private practice can feel unbearable. To head off such dissatisfaction and fatigue, all clinicians, no matter their experience, should have a place

How You Can Combat Loneliness Through Group Therapy

We’ve never been more “connected.” Social media and a more global perspective seem to link us at a moment’s notice. Yet, somehow, loneliness still feels like an epidemic. Loneliness isn’t just about having access to more people, it’s about how you have those people in your life. Truthfully, our devices can connect and isolate us at the

Healing Together: 5 Advantages of Group Therapy

People are “connected” more than ever these days – social media, texting, video conferencing and even old-fashioned email help us continue to be available to family, friends and coworkers at all times.  Distance learning and working from home allows us to manage overloaded schedules and possibly even get to the gym.  And yet, more and

Held Back By Your Past? How to Let Go of Regrets

Regrets are never fun. Some irritate and prick us with hard lessons from the past. But we learn to live through and around them. Other regrets, though, keep coming to mind in waves of overwhelm and anxiety that can reach toxic levels in our minds and bodies.   If we aren’t careful, the latter type of

Ready for Sex? 6 Clear Ways to Know If Sex Is Your Next Best Relationship Step

Are you dating someone new?  Are things going so well that you think you might be ready for sex for the first time? It’s a big decision to take a relationship to the next level. You may experience a certain level of excitement at finally acting on your mutual attraction. Or you may experience some anxiety

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