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7 Satisfying Ways to Manage Mismatched Sex Drives

Even the most loving, committed couples can have mismatched sex drives. Many people assume that people with different libidos can’t be together and that trying to make it work is a recipe for disaster. But a relationship where one partner has a higher sex drive than the other doesn’t have to crash and burn. In

Held Back By Your Past? How to Let Go of Regrets

Regrets are never fun. Some irritate and prick us with hard lessons from the past. But we learn to live through and around them. Other regrets, though, keep coming to mind in waves of overwhelm and anxiety that can reach toxic levels in our minds and bodies.   If we aren’t careful, the latter type of

Ready for Sex? 6 Clear Ways to Know If Sex Is Your Next Best Relationship Step

Are you dating someone new?  Are things going so well that you think you might be ready for sex for the first time? It’s a big decision to take a relationship to the next level. You may experience a certain level of excitement at finally acting on your mutual attraction. Or you may experience some anxiety

Grief: How to Respect & Assert Yourself Through the Pain

Often, grief comes calling during our toughest transitions and most tragic circumstances. It forces us to face our losses. Amid pain and upset, a chapter closes in our lives. Whether we endure the loss of a loved one, career, lifestyle, or relationship, our hopes for a specific kind of future are dashed.  And whether we

Dating Multiple People: Pros, Cons and Emotional Overload

Dating multiple people can be a smart thing to do. After all, you need to go on many dates before you truly get to know someone. And if you’re trying to settle down into a long-term relationship, then seeing what your options makes sense for making the best decision. However, if your nervous system gets

Clutter Craze: Why “Tidying Up” Might Be Making Matters Worse

Tidying up has never been more popular than it is today. This is thanks, in no small part, to the Marie Kondo craze. Her books have been spreading the joy of decluttering for several years now. However, her KonMari method has really taken off thanks to the new Netflix series called "Tidying Up with Marie

Feel Like a Phony? Understanding Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome makes you think that you’re all alone in the world. You go through life feeling like you’re only successful on the outside. Worse, it feels as if everyone around you will eventually find out your secret. It’s not that you’ve got anything terrible to hide. It's just that you feel like a fraud.

From Romance to Roommate? Relationship Red Flags & What to Do About Them

When you look over at the person that you are living with, do you see a partner or roommate? If the two of you are in a romantic relationship, then hopefully you see a partner. However, it is unfortunately common for couples to transition into roommate mode. In other words, over time, you might notice

7 Reasons Why Meditation Might Not Be Right for You

There are plenty of reasons why meditation is recommended to everyone. It has a number of health benefits. For example, it reduces stress. Therefore, it reduces symptoms of a wide-range of stress-induced health ailments from depression to headaches. However, meditation is not the only way to reduce stress. Furthermore, even though everyone around you seems