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At Therapy2Change, I can help you develop healthier, more joyful relationships!

Like many others, you might think that relationships are meant to be easy, perfect and conflict free. But in reality, it is so common to feel lonely in your relationships, which is why I’m here to help.

As a therapist, my life’s work is to help you…

  • Improve your overall emotional health and well being
  • Get the support you need to address conflict, work through painful emotions and address your personal goals
  • Create long lasting, meaningful and satisfying interpersonal relationships—with your friends, family or partner
  • Feel empowered to make good decisions and have the life that you desire and deserve

It might seem daunting or nearly impossible now, but by giving yourself the time and commitment to make positive life changes, anything is possible.

If you’re curious about my practice or whether we’d be a good fit, contact me for a free 20-minute phone consultation at 9178730506 or contact me. Take the first step towards change!


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For Women

Are You Tired Of Feeling So Lonely?

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Would you like to have healthier, more intimate relationships?

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Couples Therapy

Do You And Your Partner Feel Lost In Your Relationship?

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Group Therapy can help you overcome challenges in life.  Click the button below to learn more.

Do You Have Trouble Setting Boundaries in Your Relationships?

Boundaries are essential to creating healthy relationships and a healthy life.  Setting clear, direct boundaries allows you to remain true to yourself and not feel victimized by other people’s needs while at the same time allowing others to share your emotional life.  They help you feel safe enough in relationships to say no and brave enough in relationships to take meaningful risks. But setting boundaries is a skill that many of us did not learn from our early caretakers.  Some people have boundary styles that are too soft, so that they too often give in to the needs of others and wind up feeling overwhelmed. Others set boundaries that are too firm, so that they don’t allow people in to their hearts and wind up feeling lonely and isolated.

What’s your boundary style?  Take the quiz and find out!